3 Benefits of Working Remotely

This month, Foundry52 will close the doors to its Silicon Valley corporate office for the last time and officially become a 100% virtual company. But telecommuting is not a new concept for many employees at Foundry52.  With employees spread all across the country, remote work has been a standard practice at Foundry52 for many years, directly aligning with Foundry52’s value of work-life balance. And, it’s not just Foundry52 making the virtual switch.  Telecommuting has increased by 44 percent in the last 5 years, and it’s only continuing to gain traction. 

Here are three benefits of working remotely for both employees and employers:

1. Enhanced Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance is key to preventing employee burnout and frustration, which ensures a higher employee retention rate.  Working from home enhances work-life balance because it reduces stress and gives employees more flexibility and autonomy to schedule their day in a way that permits incorporating both their responsibilities at work and home.  

2. Increased Productivity

The idea of working from home may trigger the idea of sitting in your pajamas all day while binge watching Netflix for many, but the productivity that actually results from remote work is prevalent. A study found that employees who worked from home were 13.5 percent more productive than those employees who worked in-office at the same company.  

3. Savings on Costs

There are many cost benefits that telecommuting brings to both employees and 

employers.  The money and time saved on the commute alone is a great benefit, especially for those who have a long distance to and from work.  Employers can also save on the costs for office space and supplies and put these savings towards bettering another area of the company.  According to PGI News, the average business with full-time telecommuters saves up to $10,000 per employee per year. 

As the amount of virtual companies increases, the number of remote employees is sure to grow as well.  It is evident that telecommuting is the future of the workplace and Foundry52 is excited to be a thought leader on the best practices of being a virtual company. 

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