5 Best Salesforce CPQ Features

Are you wondering what CPQ features you might be missing since you have purchased Salesforce CPQ? Or are you wondering what the best features of CPQ are to take advantage of when you do purchase CPQ? These 5 features will help your organization be more efficient and increase sales revenue!

1. Product Bundles

Product Bundles allow your sales reps to easily configure a product with the options desired. Say for instance you have a kitchen table: you can configure that kitchen table to include 4 chairs, or 2 chairs and a bench, and choose from a white table or oak table. Bundles make adding products and their options to a quote easy!

2. Product Rules

Product Rules can make sure that your sales reps can only select the correct options and that any necessary products are included, and alert sales reps of issues with the products or pricing.  For example, if a customer requests a quote for a kitchen table, you want to enforce that the chairs or benches are also purchased to go along with the table, and ensure that the correct finishing of the table and chairs is also selected.  These rules help make sure that nothing is forgotten!

3. Price Rules

Price Rules help to automate prices and update quote line fields. If a kitchen table is purchased and a set of extra screws is added to the quote, and you want to enforce that if another kitchen table is added, a second set of extra screws is also added, price rules can help you do that. Price rules can ensure that products that need to be changed based on the addition of another product are correctly adjusted!

4. Favorites

Favorites allow sales reps to save their frequently used products, quote line groups and configured bundles so they can be used again on future quotes. These favorites can also be shared, edited and deleted. Favorites are especially nice when sales reps are building the same bundles over and over again! 

5. Electronic Signature Integrations 

Salesforce CPQ works with DocuSign for electronic signatures. Build your quote, submit for approval, and send with DocuSign for customer signature- it’s as easy as that!

These are just a few of the time saving features that Salesforce CPQ has to offer. There are many benefits of using Salesforce CPQ and being trained on the best practices and features. Thousands of users can attest to the efficiencies and time savings that comes along with the use of Salesforce CPQ.

Let Foundry52 help with implementing Salesforce CPQ best practices for your organization! Contact us today.

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