Conga & Salesforce Lightning Migration - Tips & Tricks

By Michael Allen

When migrating to the Salesforce Lightning interface, there are a few things to look at in your Conga solutions which may not get picked up by the Salesforce Lightning Experience Transition Assistant tool. There are two things which can be easily overlooked in your Conga solutions.

One is the List View buttons created to execute a Conga solution and the manner in which your Conga solution retrieves its data.

It's evident that Salesforce Lightning is the future of Sales and CRM. Many Salesforce customers are in the process of making the switch to Lightning using the Lightning Experience Transition Assistant to accelerate that process by analyzing your Salesforce org. This tool provides recommendations and even one-click solutions to transition customizations, making them work in Lightning going forward.

However, this tool does not always pick up on custom Conga List View buttons written in JavaScript and it has no knowledge of the use of Salesforce reports to retrieve data for your Conga solution. If the tool does find your Conga List View buttons, written in JavaScript, it will not be able to make them Lightning compatible.

Creating Conga List View buttons that are 'Lightning ready' can be accomplished using a combination of Apex, Visualforce, and custom formula fields.

Second, Conga recommends that Conga solutions, which use Salesforce reports, retrieve the data used in the solution to be converted to Conga queries. Our experience has shown us that the use of Salesforce reports to retrieve data, when a Conga solution is run in the Lightning interface, often will not return all the data leaving your solution output with missing information.

A few other things that should be reviewed when getting your Conga solutions to be Lightning ready are configuring Conga Composer as a connected App, making your Conga buttons 'OAuth' buttons and assigning appropriate permissions to your Conga users.

As you work through your migration to the Salesforce Lightning interface using the Salesforce Lightning Experience Transition Assistant tool, you may need to look beyond what the tool finds, and take a closer look at your Conga Solutions for the use of List View buttons written with Javascript and data retrieval using Salesforce Reports. If you have either of these, they must be corrected by re-creating the List View buttons using a non-Javascript solution and/or rewriting the data retrieval using Conga queries and updating the output template to reflect the new names generated by the Conga query.

Here at Foundry52, we have experience migrating to the Salesforce Lightning interface and know all the ‘ins and outs’ to make this a successful migration for your company. We have the Conga expertise to make your Conga Solutions fully Lightning compatible. Our team is ‘Lightning-Conga’ ready to quickly help!

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