CPQ Advanced Approvals Boost Sales

Are you in an industry with unique legal or financial restrictions, with strict rules or regulations for items you sell? Is it a lengthy process to approve customer quotes? Are there complex pricing considerations?

With today’s cloud technology solutions, customers want to quickly receive a quote for products and/or services. Quoting delays due to complex pricing or multi-level approvals can delay closing a deal which in turn causes your business to lose to the competition.

If you have any of these scenarios, your business might want to consider Salesforce’s CPQ Advanced Approval functionality. Some of the many features Advanced Approvals solve are:

  • Multi-level approval chains via multiple departments in parallel

  • Complex approval rules

Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals solves the issue of approvers frustrated over multiple iterations of the approval process for the same transaction.

So how does CPQ Advanced Approvals compare against standard (native) approval functionality?

Approval Chains – route approvals via multiple departments

  • Native Salesforce - Only provides the ability to route approvals in a sequential chain (i.e. wait for 1st approver before sending it to the next approver), which slows down the approval process.

  • CPQ Advanced Approval – Parallel approvals routed to multiple departments at one time. The transaction will then be completely approved for the next step, once all required parallel approvals are finished.

Complex Approval Rules - supports complex pricing, item combinations and compatibility

  • Native Salesforce Tool – The APEX programming is required to pull data from different objects or perform complex logic.

  • CPQ Advanced Approvals – Provides an ability to add several criteria under one approval process. And, it provides an ability to summarize data from any unrelated object(s) to be used on the approval criteria.

Skip Approver - if previous approver already approved

  • Native Salesforce Tool – All approvers have to re-approve, which causes frustration and delay of the approval.

  • CPQ Advance Approval – Provides smart approval configuration to skip previous approvers, if not required upon re-submission.

If your business requires multiple approval chains or you have complex discounting or pricing rules, or legal restrictions, Foundry52 can help. Our team of senior business domain experts understand how to implement Salesforce CPQ Advanced Approvals from the business use case perspective. Contact us for a free complimentary review of your current quoting and approval processes.

By Vivek Prasad, Foundry52

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