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Einstein Analytics is the future of business intelligence

By Philip Gunn

Many companies today, are looking not only simply for reporting but also the ability to get meaningful analytics around that data. With Capabilities ranging from AI Deep Learning to simple reports and dashboards, Einstein Analytics is one of the most comprehensive and powerful analytics packages on the market.

Quite often we see companies juggling various reporting tools to get all the types of reports they need, as well as consolidating data from disparate systems paired even with ancillary

external analytics tools. Einstein Analytics is a centralized one-stop-shop package, providing overall business intelligence.

And it is not limited just to the platform! External Data Connectors allow it to connect to external systems bringing all your data in and providing some of the most advanced analytics capabilities available. Not only can it gather, report, and analyze your data, it also has the capability to recommend actions based on its analysis and provide autogenerated presentations around them. Whether your company is looking simply for a robust reporting tool or interested in using the Automated Machine Learning Engine for augmented analytics, the use cases are limitless.

With its preconfigured Apps with Role-specific dashboards and KPIs, it is virtually plug and play-ready right out of the box. Our customers love its simplicity and find the dashboards and user interface clear and visually appealing.

Reporting and analytics shouldn’t be a complicated time consuming struggle. Centralize your data within a tool that can easily provide any reporting you need along with analytics capabilities on the frontier of technology. The only constraint is your imagination.

Let Foundry52 make your life easier with Einstein Analytics. No more compromise!

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