Eradicate Missing Revenue Opportunities

Manual Spreadsheet Revenue Errors If you are using manual spreadsheets to track your recurring revenue business, you could be leaking revenue and not realize it. Losses in the billions of dollars can be associated to data entry errors due to a misplaced decimal, a hidden row of data, or a careless cut and paste.  And, if there are multiple spreadsheets throughout your organization, how do you know which is the correct one?  This means more opportunity for errors and the greater possibility of revenue leakage.

Tiered Pricing Models for Recurring Revenue Manual spreadsheets are not the only offenders. Incorrect pricing errors occur when customer contract pricing is not enforced, or when unearned or inappropriate discounts are applied during invoicing. It’s vital to have a system in place that enforces your business rules, and leads to accurate pricing to promote error-free billing.

Tiered pricing models are often used in recurring revenue models to help give different options for potential customers, framing the reference for the price points. Offering your service at different price points can help increase potential revenue. Tiered pricing helps you make more money, broadens your potential audience, gives customers a choice, and helps maximize value of your offering—preventing revenue leakage.

Leverage Usage Based Billing – Revenue Leakage Prevention Usage-based billing helps ensure correct charges are occurring for service that your company provides.  If you are not efficiently and accurately tracking and billing based on usage, you could be missing out on a significant revenue stream.


Maximize Revenue with Salesforce CPQ Missing revenue opportunities doesn’t have to be an inevitability of your business.  The Foundry52 team will help train your team and configure Salesforce CPQ to provide control over all aspects of your recurring revenue using billing contracts, innovative pricing models and usage-based billing. 

Leave no coin unturned with Salesforce CPQ and Foundry52.

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