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FinancialForce Billing Central - the perfect match for your Salesforce CRM

By Jill Vickers

Today, billing is more complex than ever for products, subscriptions, projects and usage-based models.Streamlining the billing process starts upstream with Salesforce Opportunities.Once the sales stage changes to Closed/Won, an automated process can create the FinancialForce Billing Contract. This allows the ability to automatically activate the contract, generate billing documents and essentially create one billing center for the front and back office all on the Salesforce Platform with no costly integrations and no lost or duplicate data.

The first implementation challenge is designing the best integrated process between your sales and finance users for all revenue and contract types.The second challenge is configuring billing central and the respective product fields to drive the billing treatment correctly. The third challenge is determining the level of automation for the activation of the billing contract and the creation, printing, closing and posting of the billing documents.

Salesforce platform architecture seamlessly integrates FinancialForce Billing Central with Salesforce CRM to manage complex billing products and models and eliminates data redundancy and automates cumbersome business processes.Everyone has the information when they need it, as they need it, to positively manage the customer’s experience and relationship.

Empower your organization to swiftly answer any contract or billing question by instantly connecting FinancialForce Billing Central with Salesforce CRM. Build processes that delight your customers with Foundry52 as we help design, lead, coach and train your team through your implementation with industry-strength solutions you can depend on.

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