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FinancialForce PSA Users, this one is for you!

By Karissa Rothstein

Many of my customers over the years have desired to have some functionality around an email notification when a project budget is nearing. FinancialForce has listened, and we now have that capability! The new functionality is called Project Tracking Against Billing Cap.

This feature can be activated and used by completing the following steps:

1. Upgrade to the latest PSA version

2. Navigate to the app launcher and select Feature Console

3. Review the features that are turned off, and find the Project Tracking Against Billing Cap.

4. Give access to the following fields:

a. Add field pse__Apply_Billing_Cap__c

b. Add field pse__Alert_Threshold__c

c. Add field pse__Email_Alert_Recipient__c

d. Add field pse__Percentage_Used__c

e. Add field pse__Remaining_Amount__c

5. There should be a new layout on the Project page for Project Tracking

How to use:

1. To turn the feature on, check the Apply billing cap checkbox.

2. Indicate the % that should fire an email- the email will fire when the projects billings reach this % of bookings.

3. Add yourself as the alert recipient. This is not required, but could be useful.

4. Once the percentage used exceeds the Alert Threshold %, you will get an email notification.

a. Keep in mind that every time the actuals run, any project that has exceeded its threshold, will send an email to the Alert Recipient. If you have your actuals running on a 5 minute schedule, this could equate to many email alerts.

If you are not interested in turning on email alerts for this case, you could still use this functionality without using the Alert Recipient, and put the data into a dashboard, report or even a list view that Project Managers can view daily.

To find additional information on this new feature, take a look at this community article:

If you need any assistance in getting this setup, please let us know!

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