How to Avoid a Failed ERP Implementation

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

In most cases, an ERP implementation failure is characterized by projects that fail to implement on-time, on-budget or fail to deliver the expected business benefits. Gartner is often cited as estimating that between 55% and 75% of all ERP projects fail to meet these objectives.

An ERP implementation is a major project for many organizations that carry undeniable risks. Today’s ERP systems have the ability to touch every major aspect of a business and all aspects of a business must be considered during an implementation.

In our experience, FinancialForce ERP, built on the Salesforce Platform is the best Cloud ERP in the market today and we are proud to be their implementation partner.

Foundry52 has been successfully delivering FinancialForce ERP implementations since 2014 and in recent years, has become the ‘Go-To Fix-It Partner’ with failing FinancialForce project implementations. In the last six months, our team has successfully turned around multiple failed projects delivered by other consulting firms.

Our proven methodology which strategically combines Agile and Waterfall plus our consulting team who are business experts such as as seasoned CPA’s, Controllers, Operation Directors, and Sales Directors bring their ‘real world’ expertise to each and every project.

If you are struggling with your FinancialForce implementation project, Foundy52 has the capability, experience and proven references to turn your project around so you can focus on running your business. Better yet, let us help you deliver your on-time and on-budget project the right way the first time!

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