Remote Employees - Work Secret!

By Rachel Chand

With the health concerns in the world today, businesses and employees working remotely need the flexibility to provide secure electronic signatures for documents.

What is electronic signature?

Electronic signature or e-signature solutions allow a contract to be signed digitally to speed up processes that legally require a signature. Signatures can be created using a mouse, tablet, touchpad or electronically generated stamp. When remote parties are involved, in-person signatures can often be a time-consuming roadblock. E-signatures can speed up transactions and contractual agreements with customers and vendors. They are efficient and easy to retain for compliance purposes, especially compared to a paper trail process.

At Foundry52, we’ve partnered with a leader in today’s marketplace. Docusign is a popular e-signature solution that integrates with Salesforce to help you contractually complete business transactions. Using Docusign eSignature for Salesforce, you can:

  • Create and send agreements for signature, trigger actions, track status, and automatically store agreements to the original record with integration that works in Sales Cloud, Salesforce CPQ and Service Cloud.

  • Give customers the convenience of signing anytime, anywhere, from practically any device.

  • Create agreements with Salesforce data: Generate agreements using DocuSign templates that automatically pull in documents and customer contacts from Salesforce.

  • Customize agreements: Add fields to the electronic agreements with bi-directional mapping to Salesforce objects.

  • Send agreements for signatures: Add additional documents and recipients to the agreement and specify send options such as a message, reminders and authentication options.

  • Collect payments: Collect payments during the time of signing and save payment information back in Salesforce.

  • Write back to Salesforce: The signed document and signer-provided data can be automatically written back to Salesforce.

  • Ensure compliance: DocuSign eSignature has industry-leading compliance such as FedRAMP and security certifications such as ISO 27001:2013.

DocuSign is the market leader in electronic signatures, with over 500,000 customers and hundreds of millions of signers. Foundry52 and Salesforce are customers of DocuSign, using the technology across Sales, HR, Purchasing/Procurement, and other departments.

Foundry52 has completed many Salesforce and FinancialForce implementation projects that included DocuSign. We’ve seen every flavor of documentation control and signature that you can imagine. Our implementation guidebooks have the step-by-step knowledge of prior project experience that we bring to your project.

Choose Foundry52 as your partner to successfully deliver your DocuSign process requirements today!

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