Running a Business in Challenging World Situations

Wondering how to keep your business operational during times of uncertainty? With today’s cloud technology for CRM & ERP solutions, your business doesn’t need to falter when daunting world conditions occur.

What exactly does this mean? Employees should be able to work as normally as possible with access to all of their data and business functions whether at their office or working remotely from anywhere at any time.

In this time of crisis, if you are using business solutions running on internal servers or personal computers and have not jumped on the cloud CRM & ERP bandwagon, it’s not too late to make the switch.

Most cloud implementation projects are fast. And, it’s easier than you think. There are ways to narrow down the scope to get up and running quickly without breaking the bank.

Be prepared, think ahead, plan for the future to ensure your clients and employees can count on your business in times of need.

Foundry52 can quickly estimate a cloud CRM or ERP project for you that fits your budget and timeline. From leads, to quotes, to orders, to cash to service, our team will help migrate your business functions to the cloud all built on the most powerful and versatile Salesforce technology platform on the market today.

In the meantime, from our business to yours, we hope everyone is taking the proper precautions to stay safe and healthy during this time. Our firm will be here for you when you need us.

Contact us to learn how Salesforce CRM for your front office and FinancialForce ERP for your back office will help your business weather major setbacks.

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