Salesforce CPQ is the Future of Selling!

Article by Karissa Rothstein

Salesforce CPQ is the future of selling and works for many businesses with robust ‘Out of the Box’ standard features and functions you’d expect from a Tier One software provider.

Five of the best ‘Out of the Box’ Salesforce CPQ standard features that our customers have leveraged for a lower cost implementation include:

1) Standard Pricing Options. Product pricing based on contracted pricing, quantity range, and cost-plus markup. Custom pricing can be implemented if the standard pricing options do not meet the client’s needs.Quantity range and custom pricing are the two most popular pricing options that the majority of our customers choose to implement.

2) Automated Billing for tangible products, services, and usage-based products. Automate complex billing requirements and electronic payments for timely invoices and cash collection.

3) Guided Selling. During the quoting process, guided selling is a tool that is able to automatically put together an optimal solution based on the needs of the customer. This alleviates the need for the sales rep to understand which products and options match and allows them to focus on creating a great relationship with the customer.

4) Product Bundles. Bundling provides your sales reps with an easy way of selecting a product and adding necessary accessories or options that are compatible with the main product. Choose static bundles, unchangeable bundles, and configurable bundles or mix and match both!

5) Option Constraints. In conjunction with product bundling, option constraints allow you to enable or disable a product option in a bundled product. Single or multiple product options constraints are available.

Foundry52 will leverage 'Out of the Box' feature and functionality for your business to help lower your overall cost of your implementation project. Don't approach your project technically with custom development, use seasoned business analyst professionals who will configure Salesforce correctly to provi

de the solutions your business deserves!

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