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Customer Community

Empower customers to view, manage and log cases.

Company Overview

Premier Security Group is a provider of security services which includes design, installation and maintenance of security systems, as well as a provider of security equipment.


  • All cases were being logged manually by agents based on customer calls and emails

  • Customers had to call or email in order to receive updates on case status

  • Customers lacked visibility to work order/service appointment statuses related to in-progress cases


  • Implemented Customer Community

  • Enabled case creation form and case list views in community

  • Configured external user administration so customers can create, edit and remove their own community members

  • Implemented customer queues for logging and managing own case resolution prior to escalating to PSG

Company Overview


Fresno, CA






Security Services



SEICO Security



Support Community


  • Increased engagement with customers

  • Faster case resolution

  • Implementing self-service led to fewer cases transferred to PSG for resolution

  • Reduced community user maintenance

I Solution Details

Previous technology replaced by Salesforce:


Salesforce products deployed:

Support Community

Customer Business Model (B2B, B2C, or Both)


Salesforce Product features:

Lightning Templates, External User Administration, Role-based sharing

If using Service Cloud, list use case (e.g. customer support, call center, field service, telesales, etc.)

Call center, Field Service, etc.


GE ServiceMax (for locations and installed product tracking)

AppExchange Apps/Partners

Lookup Helper

Solution 'Go Live' date:

November 9, 2016

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