Case Study


I Woodtech – Salesforce Sales Cloud Implementation and Integration with Great Plains ERP

Company Overview

Woodtech specializes in crafting each client's unique vision for conference tables, reception stations, private offices, architectural walls, and furniture for training, collaboration, service, and retail environments.  An industry leader, Woodtech is now a global supplier to Fortune 500 clients and leading design firms who specialize in large complex projects with unique, intricate requirements.


  • Manual sales and quoting process via Excel

  • Significant revenue leakage due to disconnected

  • Sales process with their Invoicing/Accounting application.


  • Implement Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ for leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities, and quotes.

Company Overview


Oakland, CA



51-200 employees



Custom Furniture Manufacturing


Previous System:




Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ; Integration with Great Plains ERP



  • Leads are now automatically captured from their company website and integrated into Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • A single, shared view of every customer and every sales opportunity

  • Booked quotes are calculated with version tracking and customer presentment

  • Automated integration from Salesforce Sales Cloud and CPQ to Great Plans ERP for invoicing and accounting.

I Solution Details

Previous technology replaced by Salesforce:

Excel file

Salesforce products deployed:

Salesforce Sales Cloud, CPQ

Customer Business Model (B2B, B2C, or Both)


Salesforce product features:

Leads, Opportunities, Quotes

Solution 'Go Live' date:

October 2019

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